2,5 weeks France: Travel itinerary

The south of France is one of the world’s most popular destinations. And I must admit, I love to be in France! It has it all: old villages, a rustic countryside, beautiful beaches and awesome weather. I know lots of people who drive there every summer to spend 2 weeks at the same campsite near the beach. I have done the same when I was younger and my niece asked me to join her and her parents on vacation. But after I had worked a couple of months in France, I felt that I should do more sightseeing and decided to make a road trip along the west coast.


First stop: La Tuque, Belaye.

Since I finished working on Camping La Tuque in Belaye, this was the starting point of our road trip. The area is known for its wine. There are a lot of places to visit such as Cahors, local markets, the Gouffre de Padirac, and a lot of castles. I’ll tell you more about this area in another blog post coming soon!

Since I had visited a lot of places in this area already we decided to drive directly to Sérignan. Where we will stay for a couple of days.

Next stop: Sérignan

Sérignan is a known area for me as well. I have worked and lived here for about 4 months on this beautiful campsite called Yelloh! Village Le Sérignan Plage. The main reason for going here is visiting old friends I hadn’t seen for almost a year. Offcourse we visited some nearby places as Carcassonne and Les Neuf Ecluses near Beziers.

Next stop: Andorra

Ok, I know, Andorra is not France. It is a different country and since we had heard so many good things about it, we decided to check it out.

After a long day of driving, we arrived in the late afternoon. Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe. It lays in between France and Spain in the Pyrenees. Andorra is great for its Tax-Free shopping and in winter good for skiing. We decided that staying one night there will be enough for us to visit the city and on the road, we will make some sightseeing stops.

Next stop: Bayonne

From Andorra we drive back to France, ready to start our way up along the west coast. Bayonne and next to it Biarritz are good known places for tourists and surfers since Biarritz is a great surf spot.

Next stop: Saint-Nazaire

After a long day of driving, we arrive in Saint-Nazaire. Here we visit the U-boat and Guérande for its famous salt. We decide to make it a more relaxed day before we drive further tomorrow.

Next stop: Saint-Malo

Luckily it’s not far from Saint-Nazaire to Saint-Malo. We arrive in this beautiful port city and discover the beach and its town walls. We sleep in a hotel on the outside of the city.

Next stop: Caen

From Saint-Malo, we drive to Mont-Saint-Michel to visit this amazing place. At the end of the day, we drive to Caen where we will spend the coming nights. We visit Caen itself and also the famous world war beach as Point du Hoc and Omaha Beach.

Last stop: Paris
Since my friends who we were visiting in Sérignan live in Paris, we got the key to their apartment. Therefore we decided to spend the last 3 days in Paris. Including some sightseeing and of course a visit to Disneyland Paris. After 3 days we drove back home, to the Netherlands.


This Route was a great way to see and experience more of France. Offcourse you can make the route as you want. We left Bordeaux out of it, but if you’re more into cities you can easily go there.

I’ll write more about these places in upcoming blog posts. Do you want to know more about some places? Or have you been to any of these? Let me know.


Must see places in Slovenia

Last Mai I visited a friend in Slovenia. It is a beautiful country and I had been there before but didn’t remember a lot of the country. Slovenia lays in between Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary. It is a small country with beautiful nature.

Since I had only 4 days including travelling to and from Slovenia, we had not a lot of time to see much. But we made the best out of it and saw as much as we could.





Piran is one of the 3 cities with a port in Slovenia which has only a 50km long coast in Istria. Piran is one of the most beautiful towns in Slovenia. It has an authentic, Mediterranean and medieval style. For the best views of the town, you should climb the city walls. You’ll also have a great view over the Gulf of Trieste and the surroundings. Climbing the city walls will cost you about 2 euro.
The church of Sint Joris is on the side of the town and is from the 16th century. Although some parts are even older. The church is built on the foundations of old Roman buildings.
If you walk along the coast to the back of Piran, you’ll arrive in Fiesa where there is fewer tourists and a great spot to hang out and relax.

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. It has a lot of old and historical buildings. For a great view over Ljubljana, there is a roof terrace. The Neboticnik skyscraper gives a perfect view of the castle.
Tivoli Park is the biggest park in the city. A lot of locals come here to hang out and relax or sport. The park has many attractions like a glasshouse, a rose garden and several artworks. They also give concerts and have festivals in this park.
The Castle of Ljubljana is built on a small mountain. From the castle, you will have a very good view over Ljubljana. You can climb all the way up or go with the cable car. The castle has several small museums to visit.

Lake Bled, Slovenia


Bled is probably the most touristic place in Slovenia. To enjoy the most of it you can walk around the lake. Take the small boats to the island in the middle, to get a different view on it. The island is used for weddings.
The best view on lake Bled is from the Castle, it is the oldest castle of Slovenia. And as you made it to the castle already, you should visit it too. Instead of only enjoying the views.
Don’t forget to taste the vanilla cream and custard cake in one of the restaurants here, as it is their speciality.
Close to Bled, you’ll find the Vintar Gorge where you can walk along the river. The water here is clear blue. They made paths and a wooden walkway along the river. This makes it easy to walk and suitable for almost everyone.

Postojna Caves

Postonja Caves

These caves are the number one visit in Slovenia, so make sure you don’t let them out during your visit. The Postojna cave is also one of the world’s largest Karst monuments, and it also has one of the most diverse cave systems. I would advise you to book a tour through the caves on forehand, to make sure you’ll get to see them. Bring some warm clothes with you, since the temperature inside is about 10 degrees. The tour will take about 1,5 hour and you go in and out by train, which makes it more special.

Have you been to Slovenia? What did you like most? Let me know.