Hi, it’s Ellie!

I grew up in The Netherlands, although as a child I spend most summers within The Netherlands I caught up on that. Now I have visited over 25 countries and I’m still counting. I have lived in Austria, France, and Italy.

Wherever I travel to, when I have to go home I always feel like “Can I stay?” and “What if I miss my flight?” Oh yes, I’m a travel addict!

You might wonder why I start blogging, but isn’t it obvious? I would love to show you the world through my eyes! I just love talking about my travels.

Where I’ve been:
Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Tsjech Republique, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Andorra, Spain, France, Gambia, Portugal, England, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Monaco.

Where I’m going next? I don’t know.

Where do I want to go? Ecuador and the Galapagos!





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